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Bouquet Ring Bird Necklace

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Bouquet Ring & Bird Necklace




These accessories are 100% Handmade ceramic bouquet ring & bird necklace. Bouquet ring that make one after another with hand braying white clay attaching a lot of petal close. Fervent red, green with life force, and strong black, these three collars all overflow urbane refined manners and bold charm at the same time. Bird necklaces that make combination with bouquet ring consist of leather strap same colored with bouquet ring and a small bird of white porcelain. Flower and bird themed accessories are attractive Korean cultural artworks joining in a cosmopolitan outlook as Korean folkways emotion.

  • Size : Bouquet diameter 20mm x height 11mm / Adjustible ring
  • Material : Bouquet-White strong ceramic / Ring - Metal Alloy / leather strap
  • Color :  White / Ash Grey / Pink / Red / Purple / Mint Blue / Green
  • Origin : Made in Korea




All the colors fullfill urbanenss and feminine beauty at the same time.

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Bouquet Ring _ Bird Necklace