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Green Butterfly Brooch

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Green Butterfly Brooch



Green jadeite butterfly with outspread wings is forming strong harmony of three primary colors: red sard and blue Rapiseu Rajulri together.

Also it has splendid and bold design with small jewels such as pearl and garnet together thickly.

You can put in various style with silk thick strap or general metal chain by option. Butterfly brooch that harmonizes incredibly in traditional costume, formal dress, casual wear and certain clothes as many as, and feels Korean beauty.

Color and arrangement of gemstone can be difference a little because it is handmade art goods.

  • Size : 55 x 55 x 15mm
  • Material : Jadite, Sard, Lapis lazuli, Garnet, Chalcedony, Pearl, Metal
  • Origin : Made in Korea



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IIMAGE : wearing brooch
IMAGE : wearing Pendant





It is worked with 100% Handmade
Batkkal and shape of gemstone, and whole design can differ a little