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Persimmon dyeing

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Natural dyeing silk scarf _with persimmon

It is no surprise to develop the Korean traditional natural dyeing technique to dye ne texture of silk at Sangju deep in south eastern part of Korea where it has for long been known as the place producing 3 white stus of silk, rice and dried persimmon. 

Our silk scarf wih unique colors and patterns from the natural material of persimmon, one of the Korean traditional heritage, is an traditional, pure natural and eco friendly environmental art works expressed nature’s wonder and diverse colors and patterns with indigo plant and rouge after the series of dicult and long processes, drenching the silk into persimmon liquids, twisting and wriching it by inspiration of the craftsman, maturing and fermenting the liquid of persimmon on the ne texture of silk. This scarf was born completely by hands with his devotion and endeavor same as birth pangs during the whole process and steps for 30 days.




  • Color : Yellow / Red / Blue / Mixed color
  • Pattern : Stripe / Flower
  • Size : Long type 40 x 180cm
  • Material : Silk 100% (Korean Silk), Persimmon & Natural plant
  • Origin : Made in Korea
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Persimmon dyeing